Prof. Sir Stephen O’Rahilly / Prof. David Savage

National Severe Insulin Resistance Service
Wellcome Trust-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science
Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Addenbrookes Hospital
IMS MRL, Box 289, Level 4 Addenbrooke’s Hosp., Hills Rd., Cambridge
Phone: +44 1223 767923


The National Severe Insulin Resistance Service provides highly specialised, nationally commissioned services for the investigation and management of people/patients with lipodystrophy and other causes of severe insulin resistance in both adults and children.

The aim of the service is to provide diagnostic, therapeutic and educational support for both patients and their local clinical carers, and to establish and disseminate evidence-based recommendations for the therapy of this severe group of conditions.

Patient Support Group

The team interacts with and provides medical input where this is requested for patients involved in the UK lipodystrophy patient support group.

Research lines

As outlined on their respective webpages (links below), Drs Savage/ O’Rahilly and Semple all lead active research groups focussed on understanding the molecular pathogenesis of lipodystrophy and other forms of severe insulin resistance. Together (over the last 15-20 years) they have assembled a large research database of samples from people with lipodystrophy and they continue to utilise state of the art next generation sequencing platforms in collaboration with Dr Ines Barroso (at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute) in efforts to establish precise diagnoses for as many patients as possible.

Professor O’Rahilly

Dr David Savage

Dr Robert Semple