Prof. Michael Stumvoll
IFB Lipodystrophy Centre
University Hospital Leipzig
Clinic for Endocrinology and Nephrology
Liebigstrasse 18, 04103 Leipzig
Phone: + (49) 341 97 13380

Equipment and facilities of the group and centre

The Leipzig IFB Lipodystrophy Centre is part of the Integrated Research and Treatment Centre AdiposityDiseases that combines basic and patient-focused research and treatment of obesity and its accompanying complications including type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, adipose tissue disorders, high blood pressure, and liver steatosis. Moreover, the Leipzig IFB Lipodystrophy Centre is in close collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institute of Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Leipzig. 

Our laboratories are provided with all the necessary equipment to perform in vitro and in vivo experiments including animal research and clinical studies. 

Topics of interest

  • Treatment of lipodystrophy patients with Metreleptin
  • Influence of metreleptin on brain morphology and behavioral parameters
  • Influence of leptin on insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and artherogenesis in lipodystrophy patients
  • Regulation of leptin and soluble leptin receptor in vivo and in vitro


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