Marie-Christine Vantyghem, MD PhD

Lille Group
Lille University Hospital
Rue Polonovski, 59000 Lille
Phone: + 33 3 20 44 45 35 / 06 73 69 22 73

Equipment and facilities

  • Genetic center
  • Cell and molecular biology

Topics of interest

  • Phenotype
  • Diagnosis procedures, medical follow-up and treatment
  • Genotype/ phenotype correlations
  • Adipocyte and innate immunity studies
  • Mechanisms of disease – in vitro and in vivo rodent models
  • Acquired immune lipodystrophies


  • Early atherosclerosis in Familial Partial Lipodystrophy of the Dunnigan-type: Endothelial cell dysfunction induced by p.R482W lamin-A  Guillaume Bidault, Marie Garcia, Marie-Christine Vantyghem, Pierre-Henri Ducluzeau, Romain Morichon, Kayathri Thiyagarajah, Sylviane Moritz, Jacqueline Capeau, Corinne Vigouroux, and Véronique Béréziat ATVB in revision
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  • LMNA mutations induce a non-inflammatory fibrosis and a brown fat-like dystrophy of enlarged cervical adipose tissue.  Béréziat V, Cervera P, Le Dour C, Verpont MC, Dumont S, Vantyghem MC, Capeau J, Vigouroux C; Lipodystrophy Study Group. Am J Pathol. 2011 Nov;179(5):2443-53.. 
  • Fertility and obstetrical complications in women with LMNA-related familial partial lipodystrophy.  Vantyghem MC, Vincent-Desplanques D, Defrance-Faivre F, Capeau J, Fermon C, Valat AS, Lascols O, Hecart AC, Pigny P, Delemer B, Vigouroux C, Wemeau JL. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Jun;93(6):2223-9. Free Article
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  • Lamin A/C gene: sex-determined expression of mutations in Dunnigan-type familial partial lipodystrophy and absence of coding mutations in congenital and acquired generalized lipoatrophy. Vigouroux C, Magré J, Vantyghem MC, Bourut C, Lascols O, Shackleton S, Lloyd DJ, Guerci B, Padova G, Valensi P, Grimaldi A, Piquemal R, Touraine P, Trembath RC, Capeau J. Diabetes. 2000 Nov;49(11):1958-62. 
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