Dr. Roland Foisner

Max F. Perutz Laboratories
Medical University
Dr. Bohr-Gasse 9, Room: 3.113
1030 Vienna
Phone: +43-1-4277-61680



Equipment and facilities of the group and centre: Equipment for basic molecular biology research. Facilities on Campus include mouse facility, mouse phenotyping, mass spectrometry, Next Generation Sequencing, Biooptics (Light Microscopy, FACS), Super-resolution Microscopes (PALM, SIM), Electron Microscopy.

Topics of interest

  • Dynamics and Regulation of Lamins 

  • Lamin-Chromatin Interaction on genome wide level

  • Lamin-Interacting proteome

  • Lamina-associated protein as major regulators of lamin structure and function

  • Role of lamin complexes (particularly nucleoplasmic lamins) in tissue progenitor cells (muscle, adipocytes, epidermal stem cells)

  • Effect of laminopathic mutations on lamin dynamics and function 


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